Who the hell are they?

SUS are:


Brainy Smurf:  Artist extraordinare, wears heaps o' shirts and excels at losing beers.


Skankin Pickle Smurf:  Creative genius, has an unhealthy relationship with smurfs and a professional beeramid construction foreman.


Skatey Smurf:  Covert operation master,  drinks pink milk and pants down races world champion.


Gee I am huge smurf:  Tune Master Zero, Is bloody huge (Four lane roundabout), Likes corn forks and road beers


Pyro smurf:  Has a girlfriend

Super Saiyan Smurf:  Armed with purple trackydacks, sandals and pie. Fabulon Footy Umpire and always right to drive.


Jerry Smurf:  Freakish Simpsons knowledge, Loves a holiday hell feast and raisin' it.

Joey Joe Joe Jeremiah Jnr Shabadoo Smurf:    Car master 2000, Younger brother and lifelong arch-nemises to Super Saiyan Smurf, canít sleep anywhere but his own bed except if itís the botanical gardens.


Scrotum Smurf:    Scrotum flasher, would love to hop like the second year boys, lives in the chamber of farts.