Brainy's Little piece of the web

Brainy Smurf:            (aka Warren Q, Cheez, gbagger, Johnny Chicken etc depending on what you read )

Age:    8
Greatest Beer Achievments:    Once drunk about 30 - 40 stubbies in one day.
Member of many group beer achievments (noted on other pages)
Turn ons:    Long walks in the sunset, beer, candlelit dinners, beer
Turn offs:    Short walks with very little sunset, floodlit dinners
Special abilities:    Jumping off things, eating stupid things, sticking things in my nose, summersault(on occasion)    
As yet I don't know what I'm gonna do with this page but I gaurantee that its gonna be filled with mayhems, frivolities, frolics, dancing girls, motor torpedo boats, and uncountable references to bad television or music. (E Street, Chances, Plastic Bertrand, Jordy, Comedy Company etc)

So for now youll just have to deal with this page being filled with crap, well crap of the non-visually impressive kind.  Unless of course you find the English language horn inducing, and I know you guys are out there.  In which case youll love the non picture format of this page and forgo some high quality porn paysite to drool over the current literacy masterpiece that shapes itself as you scroll down the page.  So for those people Ill continue to write maybe throw in a sexy letter that doesn't come in to the English language very much for you sick bastards.  In fact to end the climactic build up of this written piece, I'll just get to the money shot, for variety I'll try different fonts.










Mop up, and I never want to see you again unless:

You try or three day trial period, for only $3.95.
If you are a member you'll recieve:

  • More letters including uncensored punctuation
  • Numbers that will have your heart racing
  • All parts of speech thumbnailed into cateogries like verbs, adjectives, and prepositions
  • Interactive live shows where you tell us what letters you want to see
  • Black and Asian lettering
This is getting far too silly.