Skatey's Interslice Mayhems.

Skatey Smurf (aka fuck head, wanker, tosser, fag, skippy poof, cunnole, cunnass, super long donkey dick)

Age : I can still count it on my fingures and toes, only just (and for you people out there from Ipswich I am not 36).

Greatest Beer Achievements : The youngest member of the 2 man schoolies week beerathon - 2 Days, 116 beers - and were not talking those poxy goldies or "Little Heavies".

Measurements : 35 - 27 - 35. - I'd make a pritty baaws chick, except for the fact that i have no norgs.

Just because I drink pink milk doesn’t mean I'm some pink donut eating type guy.

I'm sure that someday there maybe something of slight intelligence put up on this page. Actually there porbally will never be anything remotely intelligent ever put on anything I ever take part in…


Famous Quotes
My name is Chris, and i have a girlfriend - Woody
Aaaaiii? - Dazza
Baaaws! - Kenwood
I saw she had a shaved pussy, and thats when i realised she was a slut - Kenwood
A gentleman never tells - Lukey
I donna know, i dont eat the shit - Dazza
When i was your age i was rooting like a rabit - Dazza
Woody's the master, master bater eh eh eh - Dazza
"Hey you have a nice ass", reply " makes one of us" - Paully
Fuck i need a fuck - Kenwood
Yerranidiot - Kenwood
I've got a bad desire.. mmmmmmm mmmm mmm my cocks on fire - Ash
I'm Looooooooke - Lukey
Kim Urquart, titys down to her kimmy - Dazza
Ok the next chick i pick up wont be ugly (wasnt the case in the end)- Monger Snr.
My brother is a fucking sex alcoholic - Frankie
When i was 24 i was dating a 15yo. i used to drive her to school in the morning - Frankie
Putting in the pallet is just like fucking a woman... the first few times its hard, then it get easy - Frankie
If she wasnt so ugly shed be hot - Paully
She didnt want the unit! - Skatey
Are you fat? casue im to blind drunk to check you out - Paully
I'm interfering - Lukey
She had my cock and balls in her mouth at the same time... i was like aahh aaahhh aaahhh aaaah aahhh aahhhhh ahhhh - Frankie
I smashed her ass - Ash
I rheemed her for 6 weeks with out ever kissing her - Ash
Just a bit of luck fellas - The lover
Even dead fish move with the tide - Ash
suck my dick, gimme gobies, blow me, suck my balls... etc for 10-15 mins until she gave in - Ash
After she blew me i turkey slapped her (tap tap tap)- Ash
No No No No No! - Frankie
She told me not to buy her flowers. So i dont - Woody
How do i put on the form i broke my ass? - Frankie
I'm going to the casino... with Aliana - Woody
Giddiyupp - Anthony
Your boyfriend's a lucky guy - Tyson (the lover)
Can you order for me man.. cause shell want me - Joel
My grass... its this fucking high - Frankie
I can fix the hail damage on your legs if you want - Howard

Famous Chicks
all the RIG51 we all wish we never saw
sweet candy 1 and 2
little cutie
Baby face
Goldylocks / tune odessey /
Supermodel / stretchey
torture rack
mini milf
oldie but a goldie
The ass
the big dopey chick
Beaver / smashed crap
Knifey mart
and a hello goes out to all the nest eggs for your future envestment - for good investment returns go ice skating on a tuesday night, we were the oldest people there, except for the parents on Parent Island.

Move along nothing to see here..