Poster Mayhems
Here are a list of your favourite posters, although its more than likely you have no idea what the hell we're talking about.
Pretty Self Explanatory really.
A bigger better version than the first.
The first with a picture.  It had a little turtle with a suspiciously large smile.
Known for its classic picture of a monkey being spanked.
The first of the Smurf posters with Papa smurf's mug shot, list of allegations and last known whereabouts.
'Must not be Brad'
A version of the naked without my union poster but with a naked Papa Smurf rallying for a 'National Day of no Pants action'
Only partially covering a poster for the play rooted it reads, 'Rooted your Mum.... Ive always been lucky.'
Featuring a picture of a chicken doing your Mum.
In response to the wear jeans for homosexuality day, we thought this was a more obvious solution.
I have no idea why we did this one, I blame skatey and his didgeridoo impersonation.
If someone puts up a sign with a cartoon pig on it, do you realise how easy it is to draw a guy behind it?
We just thought a goat and a turtle mating would be amusing
Student elections '99 saw the BLAM party cover up our Leather Pants poster, so we defaced their's to read,
'Uni is a drag I need a cone and a beer,
Well why don't you vote BLAM for Semper,
Well why don't you get fucked! BLAM g-bagged SUS,
Suck my Balls Bitch
Vote 1 Brad's Mum'
Another word changing one,
'200 poofters
40 stained sheets
one week of poojabbing
and were fucked
so we did
Better Sex
More Mums'
We have Mountain Dew or Crab juice.
A great majority of these posters were drawn by Brainy and placed by Skatey.
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