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Get Drunk And Play Mario Party!!!!(To a great extent)

Pop Up Java windows suck your mum's ass

The Smurf Undergraduate Society arguably the single most popular blue animated cartoon character based club, involving playing Nintendo, while being intoxicated, in south Brisbane.
We are proud to say we are unbiassed politically, racially and religiously as we take the piss out of everyone evenly, fairly and with no remorse.

Coming soon: What to do when your drunk, Team Taxi updates, World Records, things that shit us and naked pictures of your mums arse
So you know what you can do. You can go and get fucked!*

Our goal is to get really drunk.  However, sometimes in the bold search for drunken peace of mind poeple can get hurt (or pissed on).
We pre-emptively apologise to the people or objects:
UQ Student Union
The dude that wrote that 'Rooted' play
Super Mario (the cleaner)
Wheelie Bins
A Car's Right Rear Tyre
The Good People of Esk
The Penis Guy
Liberty Service Stations
Window Talk
The South East Freeway
Anyone with any sort of problem with nudity or Mum jokes
If we missed anyone its probably cause you don't deserve it.

The SUS would like to thank:
The Nate Doggs, Dr Dan, and all the homies in the hood.
Jet, Kwaka, Kenny, Jake, Bronson
The Queensland Police Force
Nedstat Counter

*A brown colouration of words means the beer istalking, you S4,5 rammer.