Pantsdown run

Well there we were Friday night, Beer at hand and not a beer to spare. After a good long session of Mario Partay we were are feeling rather happy about ourselves, no doubt beacause Yoshi was winning every Skateboard Scamper, Mario was taxing coins, Donkey Kong was drawing expertly crafted penises on Crazy cutter and Bowser (as always) was a cunt. So we decided to go to a mates where we played some more Mario Party. After hours of Nintendo we decided that we were entirely pissed, some more than others. So it was time to go home. Unfortuneatly the path back to Brainy's had stuff in the way, such as houses and letterboxes and service stations. After paying our respect to the letterboxes, we performed a non-voilent protest against petrol prices and tunrned all the prices to 69. Because of this we were all in a jovial mood and decided to do the rest of the journey in the age old tradition of a pants down race. It was all fun and games until a car came down the street. Quickly reacting, Skatey and Skankin' dove gracefully behind (or was it into) a bush. However the mixture of alcohol, a bag full of beers and Nintendo and pants around his ankles didn't help Brainy whose dive attempt fell short of the safety of the bush, and landed headfirst into the bitumen. We still all made it home. And the beer was OK.

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