Beer, Beer, Smurfin' Beer
If ever there was a song that lifts your spirits, makes beer drinking MORE fun and makes you look like a bunch of drunken dickheads this is the one.
For the first time ever this song will be availiable to the public to read, enjoy and perform at every local pub, niteclub and party.
Enjoy the harmonies for yourself and listen to this!!
Hang on!!!  What's going on there's three different last lines.  I don't know which one to sing.
That's OK.  Just use this simple diagram to see which one to sing using your drunkeness and who's around.
For Example:
I've sunk 3 pints of Kilkenny and I want to sing the smurfin' beer song.  I would be as pissed as a bitch.  Some hot chicks rock up and some regular chicks.  Now consulting the graph I would either sing fucking customers or small and blue.  In this situation pick in favour of more ill-manners and sing fucking customers, cause its more fun.
I've just downed a crate of Crownies and God rocks up.  Which do I sing?  If you can move sing Fucking Cunts.
Its that easy.
One final note if you use fucking cunts, the word cunts can be replaced by cuntstable, for a quick cover up.
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