What will one man do to amuse the camera? This question and probably not much else (possibly the meaning of life) will be answered over the following amount of time (depending on how lazy we get).

What will he do next? Eat something that tastes like ass, drink beer from a dirty old sock protector, or place an object into one of life's unknown orifices. Only time and the amount of beer consumed will tell.


What feats has he accomplished thus far?

Inedible Odysseys:

Breakfast Meals (served before 10:30 am):   

A complete and balanced breakfast : 500 grams of frozen peas, a selection of 6 crazy cheeses and 1 Navel Orange squeezed on ones head.

Lunch menu:

Bitter Lunch : Full flavored white bread marinated in chilled XXXX.

Sock Protector Champagne : A chilled bitter beer served in a mans shoe.

Mashed Banana Madness : Stuffing a banana down an alcoholics throat.

Waaaasaaaabi: A triangle of blue vein cheese covered with mango chutney, sugar, and a piece of extra.  Then lovingly covered with sugar.  All this to be washed down with a bottle of wasabi.

Dinner Delights:

Midnight Munchies : A delicious mixture of bread crumbs, barbequed zucchini, an egg, coleslaw sauce, lemon juice, beer, 1 stuffed olive topped off with a strawberry.



Other Zaniness

Lord and Emperor of all Belly Whackers:  And the occasional lower ranking backy whacker.

The Tooth Chipper(s):  Involving motorcycles and poorly padded mattresses (sold separately).

Big Sandy Land speed record:  70km/hr stack.

Skatey and Wacky Wally Jnr’s Elephant Expidition:  Excuse me have you seen my elephant?