Just imagine it, a bunch of guys from sus, really pissed, in the middle of no where, a motorbike and the Need to do the a urinate... add these 5 factors together and what do you get?.... One really unhappy, wet and smelly mail and letterbox. So legend tells us, a group of guys from sus, with Fredly, decided that it was time to piss on something. Seeing that the cows were to hard to piss on they decided to keep up the tradition of pissing on letterboxes, in the hope of getting mail. Due to the fact that there wasn't a letter box in sight (its was about midnight and we were really pissed so at this stage we wouldn't have been able to see 3 feet in front of us) we decided to grab the mag light and start up the motorbike and head off for our 5km journey of death. Not only was it Dark and impossible to see more than 5m in front of you, even with the mag light there was other obstacles to dodge. These included, cows, fences , rocks, Eddy's mum and large depositories of water. The journey was sure full excitement and bricks popping out of peoples arses every 2 seconds. Once finally there, only a short walk across the road and it was time to urinate all over Johnny Nextdoor's letterbox. Think the term was AXAed is what was used to describe what happened to that poor letterbox. And to this day the Guieness Book if World Records still holds our record on page 112, for the Urinathalon Award. Congratulation to the SUS team and Fredly!!

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