Need to get that vital message across the dancefloor, a lecture theatre or a really long piece of cheese, then have we got the page for you.  Learn dozens of sign language symbols to get your message across.

Lesson 1:  You are a cunt:

Now as you may have learnt from our other pages, it is very important to tell someone that they are a cunt.  Now yelling out the word cunt across a crowded room is neither socially acceptable or subtle so here's what you do:

This notifies the people involved that they are indeed a cunt and should be treated in such a manner.
Note the three variations in elevation of the arms.  The small arm movements indicate a tight cunt, and the bigger the arm movement the looser or bigger the cunt.
More variations include a sloppy cunt which is shown by putting your head between your arms and blowing a raspberry, and maddest cunt with an angry face.
This lessons words:
  1. Cunt
  2. Tight Cunt
  3. Loose Cunt
  4. Sloppy Cunt
  5. Maddest Cunt
However, this is not as simple and straightforward as it seems.  Next lesson we learn about the double cunt and single censors.  This will lead to double censors and the funnest game, "Paper, Scissors, Rock, Cunt, Censor" and the conclusion of unit 1.
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