World Records and Achievements:

Urinathalon Award: (Ride, Piss, Run) The longest distance traveled to (only) piss on a letterbox.

5km return SUS,Fredly

Pantsdown Races Award: The longest pants down run along a public road.

500m goes to Skatey, Brainy, Skankin

The tune dog awards 1999/2000 Season:

1st : Brad

2nd: Brad

3rd: Maverick

The Banana Peel Award Given to the best banana peel stack:
And the winner is Brainy Smurf as he is the only one to have done it

The Funboy award:

1st Veggie and Bel

2nd Jade and Funboy

3rd Pyro and his two hands (threesome action)

The Super Cigger award: Most number of maccas straws connected together while someone smoked a cigarette through it.

18 straws (approx 2-2.5m) goes to SUS.

Breakfast Beer Award: Most number of consecutive beers consumed the morning after a piss up.

8 (while riding a motorbike) goes to Brainy.

16 between 3 people in 30 minutes (We were making the Esky easier to carry) goes to Brainy, Dr G, and Rob.

The jug o chunder award: Most measured volume of vomit made at a niteclub or pub.

1170ml (a jug) goes to Skatey

The Fudging Customer Award: The most inappropriate, offensive and least subtle mastery of the English language.

Skatey Smurf