Forget The Courier Mail, The New York Times or even the Bahrain Tribune, get it first right here from SUS.

News Just In - Dogs Are Outstanding, also Joey Jo Jo Jnr Jerimiah Shabobadoo Smurf has just joined the SUS News Team. Look forward to his impeccable news reporting and stuff that might not be funny yet be as funny as tits because tits are outstanding like dogs if not more so.

Latest News - most SUS Motorsport cars are uploaded and reving to go, on the grid so far is Lil' Gdo, Lil' SSS, Lil' Lightning, Lil' Cordy and Lil' Booming Betsy Tribute page, they rest are sure to come.

Ground Breaking News today as SUS News just overtaken the Bahrain Tribune to be Bahrain's most popular news coverage to date after only being a week online. We will be delivering the news in 3 of the 4 national languages, English, Farsi and Urdu but not Arabic, now really who speaks Arabic now daysÖ its such a stupid language*. Take that East St. Louis.

The beautiful city of Bahrain : 

SUS News headquarters in Bahrain : 


Bahrain will be experiencing some nasty weather today because as you can see the little pointy bits have defied any sort of physics and have decided to team up on it.  This will result in general mayhems especially if you get caught in this circle of death.  I don't know what the Bahrainians did to piss off whatever deity is controlling this but I suggest whatever religion I'd start some human sacrifcing around the clock.  Rainy Periods 23 degrees.

In Australia the weather should be fine due to the pointy bits heading up to Bahrain.  If I was In Bahrain right now I'd be praying big time hoping for some of those rounded things to break up this cesspool of pointy bit orgies above their skies.  Warm 27.

SUS will soon be opening an editorial column, Now........


Deep thoughts from Skatey :

Really how gay are Gee I'm Huge's pants, and for that matter all of his clothing attire. That was the question that I asked myself on a regular basis. From his $60 designer singlets to his $300 spandex pants, his whole collection is overpriced and just plan old fruity.

From the Brain of J.J.J. jnr J Smurf : As my first editorial column I really wanted to make this a special thing but because of unpleasantness I really can't be fudged doing anything special. The first thing I want to get off my chest is the fact that I really hate Volvo Drivers. On my way to our Bahrain offices this morning, I was cut off by a Volvo dickhead who proceeded to drive at a really slow, piss-me-off pace and then suddenly make a right angle turn without any indication. Fuck I hate Volvo drivers. Ever since my first incantation with a Volvo driver who tried to attack me with his walking stick yep that's right a fucking walking stick. I just ended up running him down in my car, which the old prick just jumped off the road and I nicked him in the leg, still funny none the less.

Straight out of my coight- Brainy's perspective: My first editorial goes out to all the people with pants. You see when I was young I can remember the day that I was introduced to pants. My mum said If you promise not to crap yourself you can wear pants. I got to wear them anyway. Ever since then I've enjoyed my pants. If it wasn't for pants who knows what would have happened. So I say next time you wear pants, take a moment to appreciate what theyv'e done for you and your family. Also I think every year on the third week in September it should be pants week.

* Please Note : We donít mean to offend anyone from Arabia, or those who speak their beautiful language, after all, who'd be stupid enough to live in Arabia, such a whacky crazy region, besides Arabia isn't even a real country anyway.