Sustomers Membership Application.

You wanna be a sustomer too. Well this very exclusive club will only take the cream of the crop as its members.

Firstly we need a few of your details:



And Secondly we need answers to these simple questions:

PART A: (5 Short Answer Questions of Equal marks out of 25%)

1)a)Dine in or Takeaway?

b)Would you like fries with that?

2)a)Who stole the cookie from the co-ookie jar?

b) What's an axa?

3)a)How many roads must a man walk down before you can call him a man?

b)As for a) but rhetorical?

4)a)How much salt goes on a garlic bread?

b)If some salt goes on the garlic bread who is the rest for?

5)a)Whose brain is the one with the shell on it?

b)Who is the maddest cunt?

PART B: (5 Multiple Choice Questions of Equal marks out of 25%)

1)Which size table would you prefer:

a) Large

b) Baby

c) In the middle

2)What do fun boys need to get?

a) A broom

b) A bobcat

c) A room

d) All of the above

3)A frubble is:

a)a Trouble and a mayhem

b)Funs and Troubles

c)Frolics and troubles

4)A Taxi rank is:

a)A collection of beer cans making a pyramid shape

b)A collection of cans, bottles and rubbish to make waiters come to your table

c)A stack of empty glasses

5)The symbol for leap year indicates:

a)To the max

b)To a great extent

c)A year in which February has 29 days.

PART C:(5 True False Questions of Equal marks out of 25%)

1) Iwanow is a tooly jabber(TF)

2) Cheese is funny only on certain occasions(TF)

3) Cows are really easily pissed upon(TF)

4) Dress requirements for Spar are goony hats and boxes of go-cat(TF)

5) G-Balls are soft and cuddly(TF)

PART D:(Essay Question out of 25%)

Give your opinion as to why the TV show "a year to remember" (1939-1945) reshaped your life and give quotes from the show.


All forms will be read through then placed on a table in which all sus members will play some Mario Party and Smash Brothers. After a couple of hours we will have a couple of Wizz Fizz and Beers and if your form isn't vomitted or snundered on, a two man sack race on the next two Sundays will decide your fate. Good Luck!!!

*HINT* - If you are unsure about an answer, just TRY to think the way we do..