The Nikki Webster Poll Results

Here's a collection of some of the whacky reponses thus far:

Daves mum is hot!
cannt typ e wankintg its hard to type with only one hand
I believe that Young Nikki Webster is a marvelous young entertainer of sorts. The singing , the dancing, she's got it all. And not once, whilst staring at her funny little hoo....., ugh ugh, did I ever have impure thoughts regarding having relations with her. I think there are too many states these days! please eliminate three. ps. I am not a crackpot!
oh i'm missin your strawberry kisses, mmmm strawberry.
Oh what I would give to put Mr Happy in Nikis super turbo happy sunny high hat. She knows she wants it. Aiiiiiight
i am so badly wanting it you are all sick fuckers Woody, i think your misses is telling you something..

What one can expect to get from the Abtronic from the good people at Danoz

DISCLAIMER: SUS does not support rooting little kiddies, in any way. This page is to prove a few points 1) Young Males are sick 2) Nikki Webster wears too much leather 3) Its funny. Under no circumstances do we condone such behaviour, unless theyre really hot.

DISCLAIMER: No it doesnt matter if they are really hot, paedophilia is wrong. And usually you cant tell if theyre gonna be good looking untill they get older anyway, look at Sally from Home and Away. If you watch Home and Away the Early years shes just a stupid kid, but now its fuckin norg odyssey.

DISCLAIMER: We apologize to Kate Ritchie and all of Sally from Home and Away's Fans.

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