Lil' SSS
(Super Sayian Smurf mobile)

Bio:  The Super Sayian Smurf mobile was the replacement for old 'Betsy' who was stolen by the notorios JJJ Jnr J Smurf (names will not be  named)....Wait that's too obvious...Joey Joe Joe...Jnr J smurf... thats better.  The Super Sayian Smurf mobile turned into the Super Sayian when the evil left ventrical married the aorta fairy!!! And turned it red.  Ever since the unplesentness which will not be mentioned, the Super Sayian Smurf mobile has been battling the insidious, evil, nasty, ugly, smelly, G-Do at 180 power points plus on the planet rush hour freeway.  Untill a stupid R30 skyline saved G-Do's ass by cutting in front of the Super I got this big chunk of cylinder block and hurled it ...........INNOCENT.

And there was this time that I so drnk and everyone told me not to drive but I drove anyway and I got home and I skulled a six pack and went back to bed....that happened a few times actually... The moral of the story is "never try"...P.S Drink Driving is wrong.....Beer beer beer bed bed!!!!!!!!!!woob woob woob and a pirate flag

Owner: Super Sayian Smurf (world record holder for saying the word fuck in one sentence)

Colour / Year / Make / Model: "Burgandy" 2000 Nissan Pulsar SSS

Engine Hardware: Nissan SR20DE 2.0 ltr DOHC

Engine Accessories: Simota filter with home brand cold air induction done by the good (Fat Guy...namely catarl) people at Lees Exhaust, Jerry Smurf (Lenny) and JJJ Jnr J Smurf (who will not be named).  Genie 4-2-1 race extractors into 2" pipe work and high flow cat with a mean 2 1/4" chrome tip.

Bodywork: Strategically placed dints created by those great fuckwits of a Main Roads dump truck who couldn't hold his load if his mama depended on it, shopping trolly unpleasentness at Garbo, and the fuckin fuck fuck kid who pushed his fucking fuck fuck door into my car.  

Brakes and Suspension: Stock brakes (Front - Ventilated disc; Rear - Solid discs), Suspension couldn't be bothered to do boy eh?  I'll smash that pretty little face of your's good...

Rolling Stock: Stocko 15 inch Nissan wheels (bigger than Skatey Smurfs rim), with Dunlop Volley's 195/55 tyres and Shell Compu-Hyper-Mega-Net pumping air instrument air in it.....yeeessss.

Interior Gadgetry: Super Sayian Smurf seat belt comforter gadgetry, Razo foot pedals that have speed holes installed, Puslar floor mats that read Casa De Flanders, and no cup holder because those stiffs upstairs won't do anything about it!!!!!!!Stupid Girly flower bag for odor control

Stereo Components: Alpine MDA 7755R Mini Disc head unit, Alpine 2 way 5 1/4" 40 Watts front and rears, and soon to come, Ampy action to complement the delightful sayings of Grampa.

Special Thanks: Special thanks goes to Jerry for trucking around for the BBBQ's, JJJ Jnr J Smurf for her technical amazing knowledge in useless information and for teaching Jerry Smurf the joys of cross dressing, and my legions of fans that all want to see the Super Sayian defeat the evil G-Do It was a long way to the top but we did it!! Wooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

Note to Self Put pictures up as soon as Skatey stops skankin and gets that camera!