Lil` Lightning

Bio : There i was, christmas eve, goat in hand and not a goat to spare, then someone came along.... woops wrong story, ill have to tell you that one in the adult section... so back to car... Lil` Lightning started her days in the hands of someother guy in the humble land of NSW.... she didnt like it there so she got he master to sell her and take her to the Sunny land of Qld... Puppa Smurf was out and about looking for a mode of transport for his son... after sugesting a 23 seat bus, he was quickly told what was required... 92-96 Lancer, with 5spd box and 2 doors.... while i was doing some serious nut scratching at work, Puppa Smurf can in with a pic of a wonderful example... later that week i went in and saw her... my heart was taken.. along with several other majour organs by the ANZ bank, and i was finally allowed to call her my own... Once she was in my hands, driving her was a little sketchie for a while as it had 3 pedals and not the 2 i was used to (my parents are so lazy!)... Now its been nearly a year and a half and all is well in the land of the lil` lightning..


Pictures - To come soon, once I get off my ass and get the digital camera.


Owner - Skatey Smurf / ANZ Bank


Colour / Year / Make / Model - "Satellite Silver" 1993 Mitsubishi Lancer GLXi Coupe - itís a sports car say the insurance company - cunnoles!


Engine Hardware - Mitsubishi 4G93 1843cc SOHC 16 Valve, I didnít get jewed out of cc's in fact I got extra.. the mighty 1.85L engine, but they forgot to add the extra cam. Powered by stuff exploding cause things to go up and down, inturn causing other things to go round and round.


Engine Accessories - K&N pod air filter, dodgey cool air induction, 2 inch CAT back exhaust, tank of Shell Optimax, airbrushed engine bay to give a dirty and messy / untidy look to the engine bay.


Bodywork - Factory spoiler, tinted windows, nice collection of small dints from the car park at the shops, blue reverse, parking and number plate lights, spot / fog lights (even though you cant legally use them unless there is fog so I have been told by the men in blue - Nearly got a $60 fine for that), no badges for that "no badge" look, sticker on front wind shield, colour coded number plate surrounding things.


Brakes and Suspension - stock brakes (Front - Ventilated disc; Rear - crappy Leading/trailing drums) with silver calipers thanks to the guys at the car yard, stock suspension that sits way to high(Front - MacPherson Strut, coil springs with stabiliser bar; Rear - Independent, multi-link with toe control).


Rolling Stock - Monster Advanti 14 inch wheels of some description with one remaining silver dust cap, with 185/60 tyres from the local tyre depot all with a nice airy filling, that give me a nice tyre wall riding experience around corners.


Interior Gadgetry - $10 pedals from Super Cheap Auto, Air freshener in the ash tray, $15 car mats from Big W, red dash lights, green interior light, center console full of shrapnel for the parking machines at uni (if I ever decide to rock on up), glove box full of bills, boot full of clothes and sleeping utensils (come in very handy), but no takeaway food hock (what will I do when I decide to go and buy some Chinese.. where will I put the food?, new I should have waited for the new Pulsar), cup holder (or cup hold for you non-French people out there).


Stereo Components - Pioneer DEH 1350-B head unit, Kenwood (osse oi fully man!) KFC-P603 front splits (50Wrms) and Pioneer TS-A6945 rear 6X9's (40Wrms), - all thanks to the skippy poof at Brisbane Car Sound down at Moss St. and one genuine sub from Betsie waiting for a box to be made for it to take its place in the boot hold, for some serious doof doofing.


Special Thanks - I'd like to thank Jesus and my lovely wife Marge. We did it baby woooooo!!! Thanks also to the guys at the local BP for their servicing and tune doggin of the little fella, and the `noles that ran into me with the stolen car (that got away from the cops even though they were being chased) that gave me 6 pannels with new paint, 80% new plastic interior, new drivers seat, the dint that I caused from Esk (handbrake turns into gates are not good ideas if your pissed) and the 2 1/2 months of not having a car over the holidays so I could drink every day without having to worry about driving J . Also like to thank the ANZ bank for their co-ownership of the car.