(1992 Toyota Corolla Seca CSi)

In the early 90's the world was changing.  People threw off the shackles of WHAM! and Duran Duran and headed towards new sounds such as Ace of Base.  Frat movies made way for new exciting television ideas such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Full House, the Coln Carpenter Show and Step by Step.  Hey Dad! was taking scripts to even funner places despite the fact that Nudge left and the little fat kid came in. (and the show even survived after they got rid of Mr Kelly).  With these changes people needed a new type of car.  Not one that could get you from A to B (unless thats where you wanted to go) but other places as well, useful places like work, the shops, home, the Hey Dad! shop and so on.  Not a car that gave you good fuel efficiency, there's plenty more fuel left, and the air is plenty clean its not even brown yet.  Not even one that even steers where you tell it to.  No, this car represents revolution.  It represents all the Christopher Truswells, all the Vanilla Ices, the Kym Gyngells, and even the Matthew Kroks.  Those trailblazing men and women who fought so that today quality entertainment is accessible to all in the forms of Its Like You Know, Sit Down Shut Up, and anything by ATC.  This car says if your older than me youre crap, because I'm going forward, and if I'm not its probably because I'm in reverse and I want to go backwards, but thats just because I'm doing a three point turn and angling myself around to go forwards.  The 1992 Toyota Corolla Seca it knows what it wants and wont stop for nothing, the brakes are shot.



Car Stuff

Engine:    4AFE 1544cc, 4 cylinder, twin cam, with some valves and about 75 horsies at the front wheels and a great deal less at the rear ones.

Transmission:  Manual 1,2,3,4,5,R,N (All the good ones) along with Crunch and half reverse.

Suspension:    Bounce master 2000's guaranteed to get maximum body roll even on the slightest of corners.

Tyres:     Round and periodically inflated.

Stereo Equipment:    Pioneer DEH 2150 Head unit.  Cruddy base Toyota fronts and Audio Gods rears with extra rattle acoustics at high volumes.

Brakes:     One day I'll replace them you'll see.

Interior effects:    Sock plating on the passenger footwell accompanied by Boots and miscellaneous shit trim.  All consoles are lines with dash screws and playing cards, and theres a king of diamonds under the drivers seat.  Rear seats utilise the folded down function to maximise the amount of dirt that can be held by the boot.

Exterior:    "Champagne" of "Fruits of the Forrest Purple" colour scheme.  Special light amplification refraction cracks in the front right headlight, above the white paint details on the bumper.  Remnants of Safety Inspector sticker near fuel deely.

0-400m:      Yes

0-100km/h:    Yes

0-200km/h:    Possibly down a very steep hill.

0-300km/h:    If dropped out of a plane, or towed by it.