Lil' Booming Betsy (R.I.P)

Yep this is the tribute page for the best damn Wagon in the West.

Yup Yup a lotta people laughed at me and yes even gave me shit about it (a fair bit acutally, in fact the first thing I'm gonna do tomorrow is punch Lenny in the back of the Head!!!). Anyway Betsy's humble beginings began all the way back in 1988 where she was bought in exchange for two slaves and a peanutbutter sandwich and those two slaves went on to save spring-break. And my grandpa had just invented the turlet which he started in nineteendickety-six, now he had to use the word dickety because the Kaiser had stolen our word for twenty, but anyway....

Betsy was the daily drive for my uncle and he passed it onto my dad in 1992 or there abouts which he passed onto his wife at about 1994 who then passed it onto Super Saiyan Smurf in 1996 who gave it a few battle scars and such. Finally Betsy was passed onto me, Joey Jo Jo Jnr Jeremiah Smurf, and so began the amazing transformation in 2000.

Over the course of a few months I developed an unhealthy relationship with Betsy, numerous times she had nearly killed me such as the tree and brickwall incident, but we won't talk about such unpleasetness. I remember our mid-night lawn job odysee's where wet grass and handbrakes were the order of the day, and crusing around looking for patches of turf and such. It was funny one day straight from the end of high school I went straight to a patch of grass in full daylight, off a main road, in my school uniform and about a dozen other clues giving my identity away and proceded to cut sic on the lawn to the devestation of the surrounding neighbours. Ahhh good times had for all involved.

Anyway I soon tired of Betsy, so to keep things intresting thought it would be amusing to install two 12" Cerwin Vega, Vega series Compition subwoofers in into a 4cubic ft box into the boot and amped 3-way Cerwin Vega 6x9 rear's and 6" Pioneer 3-ways at the front, hence the name Booming Betsy. Anyway my 4-channel Rockford Fosgate Amp didn't last long before I fried it (blew up two mosfet switches) so I went out and got an Earthquake PA-2150 that could safely pump out 700-rms-watts. Needless to say I now suffer from permnant hearing damage, with Betsy producing an estimatated 140-ish db SPL.

Anyway the day came when I had to get rid of Booming Betsy, my parents thought it was too un-safe, like they'd know and I had a hard time finding a suitable replacement. The good people at South City Mazda gave me $500 for her and welcomed Betsy into their family and now i have Gdo.

Sus Facts

Booming Betsy

Vehicle: white 1988 Mitsubishi Magna Se

Owner: Joey Jo-Jo Jnr Jeremiah Shabobadoo Smurf, Super Saiyan Smurf

Engine and accesories: 2.6L Astron II engine with no filter

Body: Veilside style dents on the side and airbrushed rust spots to give vintage look, major indent from park barrier incident even though I wasn't even driving.

Brakes and SUSpension: The car had been lowered 2" due to shot Shockies and fucked springs

Rolling Wheels and Stuff: 14" limited edition 'Betsy' Steelies with High Powered Wheel Covers and one Shattered Hub

Interior Gadgetry: Unique studded upholstry roof held by genuine copper staples, no centre consol for easy handbrake wrenching and holes everywhere know i don't know why I drilled those holes....funny how your mind works in a crisis situation. Big boot that could fit two drunks and a sixpack in the head or one large subbox and Brainey in the boot.

Stereo: Insane power with well over 1000-rms-watts through three amps, two rockfords 4-channel bridged for the rear 3-way 6x9's and 2-channel for the fronts with Earthiequakie PA-2150 powering two 12" Spermin Vega Subs producing about 140 db.

Future Mods and events and stuff: was planning a sigma turbo conversion and then taking her to auto-salon but sanity got the better of me and she was traded in.

Special Thanks: Goes out to Jerry Smurf and bob for truckin' me around cos the car was fucked, the trees and walls and trollies for producing those beutiful aerodynamic dents in the back, and the staple gun and Gee I'm Huge Smurf for putting the huge fucking dent right in the middle of the bonnet. And all the hotted-up Hyandai's I was still able to beat.......KNIB HIGH FOOTBALL RULES WOOOO!!!!!