SUS Super Frat Movie Page of Death


The frat movie, enjoyed by all but respected only by the few clear headed movie connoisseurs that proudly scour the $1 a week sections of their local video store.  Those who dare to challenge themselves mentally and emotionally are constantly rewarded by such classics as the Revenge of the Nerds series (of which the novel is in Oprah’s book club), or Party Camp.  These movies contain subtle subconscious messages caused by the imagery and creativity of these finely created pieces of work.  Most cannot possibly comprehend the severity in which these movies deal with reality and modern day issues in the complicated plotlines that tell these tales.  The plotlines not only cause an emotional self exploration through clever manipulation of issues related to the youth of the world, but can be uplifting and challenging to today’s youth.   


What is a frat moive? 


The term frat movie covers the vast genre of comedy movies, generally made in the 1980’s, which stars mostly teenagers. However these movies must also comply with most (if not all) of the following guidelines:


§      It must be set either at school or college, at a beach, or at a camp.

§      Someone (if not everyone) has to be trying to ‘get laid’.

§      There has to be nerds (good guys) and jocks (bad guys)of some description.


§      There must be wacky hijinx or zany pranks.


§      The front cover of the video must have a scantily clad female and often in cartoon form.


§      At the end of the movie some sporting event wins back the school, camp, beach, girl, university degree.

§      Finally and most importantly, blatant, pointless and repeated tit shots.




How do I know if a video is a good frat movie just from the cover?


The steps above are a good start but here are a few more helpful hints:


§      A good frat movie is generally a bad regular movie so pick something that looks crappy.

§      Pick anything with the words Camp, Beach, Summer, Fraternity, Party, Nerds, Jocks and College in the title. eg  Fraternity Vacation or Attack of the Party Nerds

§      In the warning for the movie rating look for sex, nudity and coarse language.

§      Look for words such as wacky, zany, mayhem etc in the description.

§      Know what era you are after.  Late 80’s and early 80’s movies are different.

§      If in doubt just grab one.


What makes a classic frat movie?


§      A panty raid.

§      Sneaking into, looking through a hole in the wall into, or videotaping the girls showers.

§      A minority group character ie a fat guy ,a gay guy or a foreign exchange student.

§      Someone yelling out, “PARTY!!!!!!!!”, or ‘NERDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’

§      A good showing of 80’s music, clothes, hair, sayings, and way of life.

§      Really, really, extremely pointless tit shots for no real reason whatsoever.

§      Pranks that end up with someone in their underwear.



Frat Movie Directory


Name:       Firehouse

Rating:      M

Year:         1987

Starring:    Barrett Hopkins, Shannon Murphy, Violet Brown and John Anderson

Running Time:   91 minutes


Hilarities ensue when three chicks join the fire department.  All the guys want to get laid.  They all have to save the city.


Highlights:         Extinguisher

                          The comedian at the nudy bar

                          Constant visits to the nudy bar


Frat Rating:       7

Regular Movie Rating:        4





Name:       Fraternity Vacation

Rating:      M

Year:         1985

Starring:    Stephen Geoffries, Sheree J Wilson, Cameron Dye, Tim Robbins, Leigh McCloskey, Matt McCoy, John Vernon

Running Time:   89 minutes


Hilarities ensue when Joe and Tucker have to look after Wendell the college geek.  All the guys want to get laid (and they make a $1000 bet about it).  They have to save the nerd from being a nerd.


Highlights:         Celebrities such as Tim Robbins (and his sly manoeuvres)

and Marcy Darcy from Married With Children

and the chick from Renegade

Telescopic Camera into the chicks apartments


Frat Rating:       7

Regular Movie Rating:        5



Name:       Jocks

Rating:      M

Year:         Unknown

Starring:    Scott Strade, Christopher Lee, Richard Roundtree, R G Armstrong, Perry Lang

Running Time:   90 minutes


Hilarities ensue when the college tennis team compete in the national finals.  All the guys want to get laid.  They have to save the tennis team from being cut from the budget.


 Highlights:         Ogre from revenge of the nerds

                           Wacky Tennis mayhems    


Frat Rating:       6

Regular Movie Rating:        3



Name:       Paradise Motel

Rating:      M

Year:         Unknown

Starring:    Gary Hershberger, Robert Kranz, Jonna Leigh Stack, Bob Basso

Running Time:   87 minutes


Hilarities ensue when the new guy at school rents out a room in his Dad’s motel so they can pull rooties.  All the guys get laid except him.  They have to save the main girl from her cheating boyfriend.


Highlights:         The guys dad



Frat Rating:       5

Regular Movie Rating:        3



Name:       Spring Break

Rating:      M

Year:         1983

Starring:    Daivd Knell, Perry Lang, Steve Bassett, Jayne Modean, Corinne Alphen

Running Time:   100 minutes


Hilarities ensue when two college students have their hotel room double booked with two party animal jocks.  All the guys want to get laid while their roommates actually get laid.  They have to save the hotel from being closed down.


Highlights:         The Coke machine incident


                          The wet T-shirt competition


Frat Rating:       8

Regular Movie Rating:        6



Name:       Summer Job

Rating:      M

Year:         Unknown

Starring:    James Summer, Carl Mayor, Renee Shugart, Fred Bourdin

Running Time:   88 minutes


Hilarities ensue when the wacky summer hotel employees come in for summer vacation work.  All the guys and chicks want to get laid.  They have to save the boss from banning the big end of summer party.


Highlights:         The geeky guy

                          Blatant tit shots

                          The big fat chick that’s after that pervert guy


Frat Rating:       8

Regular Movie Rating:        5